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A short history for writer R.L. Nielsen
R.L. Nielsen biography

Richard L. Nielsen was born in 1964 in Roy, Utah. He currently lives in Denver, Colorado. Richard graduated from Roy High School in 1982. He attended Weber State College, where he studied creative writing, English literature, allied health sciences and pre-med.
After a couple of years in college, Richard grew disenchanted with the curriculum and set out to develop his own businesses. In other words, he hated school, hated working four jobs to pay for it, found it too easy and not worth the money that a degree would net, if he were lucky enough to get a decent paying job. That was never going to happen in Utah.

Richard moved to Colorado in 1988. In 1991, he opened his first luxury high-end home furnishings showroom. The business became a worldwide success. Known in the industry for its innovative and stylish look, designers termed the newly developed look as "Casual Elegance." However, Richard was not alone in creating this new trend. At the time, he had a business partner whose taste leaned towards dated, old world looks or what he called "old lady." Richard liked modern, clean designs. In Colorado, people were also practical so they wanted homes where they could not only entertain important guests, but also relax comfortably with family. In a compromise between the differing styles, the trend was born.

After becoming a renowned leader in the home furnishings industry, in 1999 Richard opened a second showroom in Scottsdale, Arizona. There he developed another industry trend by mixing modern home furnishing and art with antiques. He called this new style rustic modern; better know today as Urban Modern Design.

In 2002, Richard foresaw a permanent decline in the economic stability of the design industry. Burgeoning rents and the decline of wealth changed the amount people spent decorating their homes. Companies began to suffer and many great artisans of the latter century went broke. It grew worse, especially with the help of George W. By 2006, Richard decided it was time to escape the monopoly of design centers and their costly rents to save his business.
Despite the cynics, the move was a great success. However, this did not stop the slough of relentless detractors. In an industry dying at the hands of its landlords, they would do anything to stop him from succeeding. In 2009, after succumbing to the deepening recession and a legal battle with a former landlord, Richard closed his companies and started writing full time.

Despite the inspiration to reinvent himself as a writer, this was not the first time for Richard. Writing began in middle school where he learned to type. He wrote for the school newspaper in a journalism class and shared funny stories with friends and family. In high school, writing gave him an advantage in his English class. A rousing essay on body lice earned him the only A given that quarter.

Richard writes in a variety of genres including children's stories. Only a few of his books expound upon his experience in the eccentric world of interior design.