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In the nineteen eighties a mosquito named Felix, became the first Pires cartoon. Since then, dozens of pires have come to life as cartoon characters. Pires are all things non-human, infected and changed into a vampire form with eternal life and hopefully a sense of humor.  Read more about the cast of pires and their support characters in the Pires series of books, sold at your favorite retailer.
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The Mosquito Pire

The swamp is a dangerous place for a Mosquito. Felix hatched late, his wings failed to develop properly and winter is around the corner. Then he discovers a way to live forever. However, it just may be more treacherous than the swamp.

Felix G. Mosquito and his friends must fight their way across the treacherous swamp to the meadow, where they hope to find safety, but not everything works out as planned. Along the way, they meet deadly characters and learn valuable lessons about life. 

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The Egg Pire
An egg named Eric, needed a warm nest and a caring mother in order to hatch. After the farmer's dog took his mother away, his dream of becoming a great rooster felt impossible to reach.

On an adventure, Eric travels through farms and meadows. Along the way, he comes across some very odd substitute mothers. If he is to break free of his shell, he must do it soon. In the end, he finds courage and sets out on his own to hatch. In the end, he becomes what he was destine to be.

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The Comb Pire
Announcing the third edition in the Pires adventure tales: The Comb Pire Is now available.

Life for a hair comb named Kent D. Luxe is rough. His owner is bald, broke and trying to sell him. After an accident transforms him into a Pire, he resorts to doing bad things for a good cause. 

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