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Red Giant
The second book in the Frostbite horror series. 
R.l. Nielsen Red Giant
Red Giant
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Natalie Piersson is on the verge of discovering that humankind is no longer the apex predator on earth. What she unleashes could destroy us all or make us gods.

Since her youth, when her brutal father disappeared from a cornfield in broad daylight, Natalie Piersson has been out to discover the existence of extraterrestrials.

She will stop at nothing to achieve her goal, even send people to their death. After orchestrating the destruction at the Buckland oil-drilling site, there were survivors.

A few were human the others were not.


Natalie finds people willing to pay millions to finally know the truth. However, organized religion and the government will do anything to stop this information from reaching the public.

A great war is coming and we can do nothing to stop it.


 -Red Giant melds the popular genres of horror and fantasy, creating a thrilling, terrifying masterpiece of fiction.